• High Performance non-combustible thermal and acoustic insulation for cladding applications.
  •  Euroclass A1 Fire rated insulation material made of natural stone.

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Rain Clad is a non-combustible cladding insulation designed and developed by our highly experienced engineers for best performance for all external cladding applications.

is suitable for ventilated or non-ventilated External cladding applications at any height including buildings over 18m.

With significant thermal and acoustic performance, the heat and cold lose through the wall are significantly reduced.

With the factory-applied water repelling agent, Rainclad prevents water ingress during construction and can be left exposed whilst awaiting final cladding solutions



  • Non-combustible Euro class A1 rating
  • Suitable for buildings over 18 m
  • Maximum versatility that allows you to create the facade you desire
  • High thermal and acoustic performance
  • The breathable open-cell structure of Rainclad and Rainclad Plus allows water vapour to pass through
  • Factory-applied water-repellent fibres work to prevent water ingress during construction.
  • Specifically designed balance density of Terrawool Rainclad and Rainclad Plus reduces the number of fixing
  • Can easily be fitted around the brackets and provides a continuous thermal performance with the help of random fibre orientation.
  • External application
  • Terrawool Rainclad is an A1 fire rated, high performance, non-combustible, thermal and acoustic insulation for all external applications.
  • Rainclad insulation slabs has got special factory applied water repelling agent to prevent the water ingress.
  • The Rain Clad is designed for use of ventilated cladding systems as well as sealed systems such as curtain walling, internal/external wall insulation.
  • As Rainclad is A1 fire rated it is perfect for any type of buildings including the ones above 18m.
  • The insulation slabs are made from sustainable stone wool fibres with enhanced water repelling application, allowing exposure to moist air during installation yet permitting your building to breathe through its lifetime.
  • Rainclad is easily installed between brackets without hassle making life easier for the installers.
  • Rainclad has got 0.035 thermal capability contributing to an optimum thermal performance.
  • With a higher density of at least 60kg M3 Rainclad improves every external walls acoustic capability.




Thickness range




*Please contact our technical sales team at [email protected] for bespoke production options.

              Standarts and Certifications:

Product Standard

BS EN 13162

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CE Marked

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