Terrawool Flexi Frame is specially designed for a variety of applications such as lofts, roofs, SFS systems and inner face of the external walls.

  • Euro class A1 Fire rated insulation material made of natural stone.
  • Natural – Made from Real Stone
  • Condensation Control – open cell structure
  • Sustainable Materials – widely recyclable
  • Durable – keeps its properties for the life of the building

Decorative Plaster

Decorative Thermal Insulation Plaster

160 gr/m² with Alkaline Resistance Mesh

Alkaline Resistance Mesh

Dowel with Metal Nail

Rock Wool

Wool Felt Sheet


Terrawool Flexi Frame is made from stone wool, which gives an A1 fire rating as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. It is a non-combustible product and can be used in new build, HRMO and refurbishment projects. It easy to apply and suitable for a variety of Partition, loft and roof insulations as well as inner face of the external walls. Terrawool Flexi Frame is available in a wide range of thicknesses.


  • Non-combustible Euro class A1 rating
  • Suitable for buildings over 18 m
  • High thermal and acoustic performance
  • The breathable open-cell structure of Flexi Frame allows water vapour to pass through
  • Specifically designed balance density of Flexi Frame reduces the number of fixing
  • Can easily be fitted around the brackets and provides a continuous thermal performance with the help of random fibre orientation.